I have been playing games since Atari made games featuring little people made out of squares.
I remember playing games like Demon Attack, Adventure, Asteroids, Pitfall and many others. I also remember playing on the old Odyssey Sytem. I've had the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and even had a Sega Genesis. Road Rash 2 was a favorite game of mine on that system. For a while I really did not bother with video games. Never even had a Playstation 1.
I had for sometime been into costumes and costuming though. In 1998 or so, I was looking up Star Wars stuff online and noticed that a small group of people had formed a Stormtrooper costuming group. The armor looked amazing and I just had to get involved with that. After that I got more and more into costumes, even made an obscure character from G.I. Joe named Barbecue. But talking to some friends of mine online I got to hear a bit about Silent Hill. I had a Playstation 2 and was busy blasting skulls open on Socom 2 but the more I heard about Silent Hill the more I wanted to play the games, especially Silent Hill 2. When I got the game I couldn't stop playing it. I played it at night wearing headphones connected to my stereo which was connected to my Playstation 2. What a great experience! I cannot say enough good things about that game. I was inspired to make a James costume but that one turned out rather cheap and was made from an old jacket I had so I tossed it. After that I moved onto Pyramid Head. Now that was a challenge but well worth the time, money and effort I put into it.

I ended up meeting my wife at a strip club called Heaven's Night. Just kidding. I ended up meeting her through and our mutual interest in Silent Hill. I'm happy to have found someone as special as her.

I graduated from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in the year 2000 with a Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

I enjoy building websites, creating graphics, making costumes, building props, and acting.

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