I got introduced to video games in the eighties when my brother got a Commodore 64 for Christmas. Back then this computer was like ZOMG AWESOME! I loved playing my brother's games.
The Dark Dimension, Gianna Sisters, Wizball...
Yeah, Wizball, probably the most weird game I have ever played in my entire life, but it is absolutely addictive. I wish they'd remake it.
I really enjoyed watching my brother play the Duke Nukem games as well as the Resident Evil series and Final Fantasy VII, those were some of the most awesome times
in my childhood.
In the same way I learned about Silent Hill; I watched my brother playing the first game before I ever layed hand on the games myself, but I was completely in awe over the story, atmosphere and of course the eeriness of the game.

Since I always was fascinated by abandonedplaces as well as horror and supernatural stories, Silent Hill seemed just perfect to me, especially after playing Silent Hill 2, which so far is my favorite installment.
Being a cosplayer since 2000, I then started cosplaying characters from this game series as well, which lead me to meeting Creativeguy on a cosplay website in early 2005.
We married in March 2006 and I eventually immigrated to the USA in October 2007.
We love working on projects together; Silent Hill related or not. Still Silent Hill is one of our greatest interests, after all this was what brought us together.

Of course Silent Hill is not my only interest when it comes to videogames. My other big love is Final Fantasy, especially Final Fantasy VII. Aside from that I like the Kingdom Hearts, Breath of Fire, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil series as well as some other videogames. I don't own a whole lot of different games, I rather replay my games just like watching a movie over and over or reading your favorite book every once in a while.

It is similar with cosplaying, I don't have too many costumes because I only like cosplaying characters that I really like. Making a costume just because it looks good has never been of interest to me, but there are a few Silent Hill project that I am planning on finishing in the future.

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